Background Knowledge and Skills

If you have basic knowledge of polymer chemistry, you can start your research readily, but we will give you profound guidance so that you can play an active role in universities and companies after graduation even if you do not have special knowledge and skills before enrollment. In short, you can grow as much as you try depending on your attitude toward daily research activities. To that end, we believe that it is important to share the spirit of mutual prosperity with the research staff and students.

What You Can Expect in This Laboratory

At Kurisawa Laboratory, we design, synthesize, and characterize nanoparticles and gels, and evaluate their functions and activities through cell experiments and animal studies. By studying in a multidisciplinary area, you will be able to acquire the knowledge and techniques of various equipment and experimental procedures. By the time you complete the project, you will develop the ability to make detailed experiment plans, discussions, writing, and presentations. It is important to strive to achieve the research objectives, but we will also instruct you to acquire the ability and insight to evaluate the experimental results fairly and logically.

Laboratory Guidance Policy

Our motto is to operate the laboratory in an intimate atmosphere closely to interact with the students. We will hold research discussions, study sessions, and journal club meetings as often as possible to improve students' research abilities. Laboratory techniques will be confidently guided through hands-on training by research staff. It is important to produce a lot of significant research results, but first of all, we suggest that students should also imagine the improved future society that their academics and research can create. When conducting research, we will intensively discuss the possibility of social contribution with students and provide an opportunity for students to develop their abilities to play an active role as leaders in society in the future. In addition, students will be instructed not only to learn by passively receiving information but also to actively impart information by themselves. We will develop students’ potential by trying to understand their individual eligibility and interests. We inspire our students to be continuously aware of world-class advanced research and our laboratory also being on the world stage, encouraging them to challengingly impart their own findings to the world.


UV-visible spectrophotometer, NMR, dynamic light scattering, HPLC, rheometer, electron microscope, cell culture equipment, animal research equipment