Treat Intractable Diseases with Functional Biomaterials


The Kurisawa Laboratory has been established in November 2021. Advanced medical technologies have been developed implementing new therapies including gene therapy and regenerative medicine for improved treatment. However, even with the cutting-edge technology treatment, they still have many problems such as severe side effects, insufficient efficacy, drug resistance, low patient compliance, etc. Biomaterials are expected to play an increasingly important role in the development of advanced medical technology, which enables the treatment of intractable or incurable diseases in the future. The Kurisawa Laboratory has been launched to develop and clinically translate the innovative functional biomaterials to improve the limits of the current modern therapy at JAIST. Our laboratory has just been moved from oversea and started for the new setup at JAIST with highly passionate research staff.

We would like to have students actively commit to their research convinced through close discussion about how biomaterials can improve therapeutic output and patient quality of life for the disease treatment which currently has problems and limits, anticipating the future beneficial impact on patients and society. We want to work with students in an intimate and motivating atmosphere, aiming to nurture vibrant researchers in the future. Amid intensifying global competition in biomaterial and bioengineering technology, it is important to deliver the results in a timely manner to make our laboratory producible and impactful. However, we believe that a sincere and honest attitude toward education and research is very important. We always look for better ways to communicate with students and to make valid research strategies for the continuous growth of all laboratory members.